We can create your name, design your identity and help you map out your brand strategy


The name of your company or product, your visual brand or corporate identity and brand strategy will be some of your longest, and hopefully hardest working assets. We work with founders, presidents, chief-level executives and creative teams to establish those assets.


First there's a great idea, then comes a great name for that idea. Our reputation for memorable names follows some pretty memorable companies and products. Like TiVo, Kindle, Kno, even GoodBelly... great ideas are uniquely elegant, so why not give them names to express that uniqueness and elegance? Those are the names people remember. Creating a great name is difficult without help. We collaborate with our clients to find the name that bonds with and communicates their big idea, effortlessly and memorably; it's the platform for your brand and the attitude it conveys, the look and feel, and the brand architecture.


Why are we effective?

We look at your needs from a different perspective than most naming and branding firms and even design firms. We are generalists who specialize. We are not a design firm that just happens to create names and brands along with brochures and websites, we are a naming and branding firm that uses design thinking and process to uniquely create winning brand assets, even brochures and websites for our clients.

We are curious. We care. We are persistent because our clients need us to be so. If you are good – you don't get to great casually. After three decades in business, we have fresh creative ideas plus the insights, experiences and perspectives of scores of successful products and companies to share, and we are personally and deeply committed to the lasting success of our clients.


We are world-class designers and we have worked in all forms of design. That experience translates into excellence, adaptability, and finally longevity for the brands we help create.


We don't stop with the identity assets

We advise our clients on an ongoing basis because new opportunities need to translate into greater and greater brand value. Making the most of your brand takes focus and experience. We are here to strategize and craft your brand's development. Every time your brand equity increases, your competition has to work that much harder.


We understand that the Experience IS the Brand

The best theme park rides begin before you get into line and last long after you leave the park. It's the same with great branding. The brand experience tells a story. When the story is right, customers identify with it - get into it and use it. The name and visual identity set the mood and tone for what the brand experience delivers. People use your name and visual identity to remember, share and communicate that experience to others.


We understand great answers come from great questions

Creating world-class brand assets comes from finding well-ordered simplicity in complexity. Framing up the right questions to answer is key, looking around the edges of the issue is essential. Challenging any and all assumptions is crucial. Listening, observing, strategic design thinking, rapid prototyping; we use all our resources to create the right outcomes for your unique brand.


Success is custom-made

Our experience has allowed us to develop many paths for finding the best solutions. We know that each project has its own requirements, like every industry has its own customs, opportunities, and rules to break. It has been our experience that valuable solutions are not found with an off-the-shelf process.


We don't paint by numbers

Each great vision needs a unique pathway to become a great product or a great company and a profitable business. When we accept an assignment, we establish the creative methodology that will be of most use for our client's opportunity.


Important tasks become easier when you work with friends

At the end of the day, it is important for you to know that your team has your back. Performance is what it is all about, the passion for excellence includes compassion for those who you are working with, including those who own the P&L.


Once we accept an assignment, it becomes our business to make you and your business successful


Brand Focus Sessions

When issues come up with a company's branding, getting focus helps speed everyone along their path.
Developing a plan to create a brand identity, new products, co-branding, product extensions, any one or more of a thousand issues that need relatively small but deft solutions that will fit into the big picture and contribute to the brand's strength and longevity... these kinds of issues are beyond what a company does everyday and there is usually a bit of trepidation as to the right moves and how they should be made. Dithering over these small but potentially valuable issues can waste your best people's thinking cycles and generates inactivity and uncertainty. Not every company has on staff brand gurus with hundreds of successful experiences to make the right call at the right time.


: : CRONAN : : has established a service that we call Brand Focus Sessions. Just like the automatic focus on your camera makes instantaneous adjustments to the depth of field in your view-finder, these sessions are intended to be short, precise and almost automatic. One recent session involved an internet client who was wrestling with their tag-line, what it should be and how to effectively deploy and extend it. In another, a product company was trying to decide whether a proposed logo was right for them. And in another, a product company was considering the best production naming strategy. These issues, when handled by experienced guides, will be brought into clear focus.

Our Brand Focus Sessions are simply organized. The key decision makers and owners of the information are scheduled to be in the room and we listen deeply to the issue(s), asking questions and following up idea threads. By the end of the meeting, if the answer itself is not crystal-clear, a clear course of action is established to get to the right answer quickly and efficiently. Write or call to schedule a brand focus session with us.

Intensives = meeting of the minds

Getting to know you... When : : CRONAN : : starts a project we often begin with a 1- 2 day offsite. We invite the key stake holders and decision makers to what we call an "intensive"; a time to quickly get the big picture, build the team and trace out the edges of the box and to begin to think outside it.This isn't a brainstorm, we're not looking for the answers. We're looking for the right questions to ask. The right questions enable bigger and better answers to be created.

At an intensive the only rule is that there are no rules. Everything and anything is on the table. In fact, we prefer to have it all on the table. Having said that, we don't engage in navel-gazing or trying to decide what type of car your company would be. We ask for background materials in advance, and ask that all invited think about the big issues before we meet and that we all come prepared. We plan and create a structure for looking at the issues and building the context for advancing the vision of the leaders.

We look at the materials together, we draw on big sheets of paper, we diagram the "ecosystem" of the project and its success. Everyone gets on the same page. We take breaks for mental health, we eat well, take walks, challenge our own and your assumptions and we get to the bottom of the project core issues.

In one intensive, a product company identified that its future success was based on becoming a media company. In another intensive, we renamed the company and wrote the rulebook to begin building a new brand to successfully match the vision of the company and its leaders. Rome wasn't built at an offsite but somebody did map out a plan and did start to get things in the right order. Let's get started!

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